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"Delivering content is my passion"


About Me

"The BJ Murphy Show" is a one-stop shop for lifestyle information, news, entertainment, politics, health, and trending topics. "The BJ Murphy Show" is one of Urban radio's great morning/afternoon show quarterbacks.

The BJ Murphy Show is currently in syndication for mornings or afternoons. We can handle your Urban or Gospel format, with nearly 4 decades of experience. We get what others don't get, and that's the SCIENCE of good radio.


The BJ Murphy Show has a history of growing audiences from city to city.  Such as Chicago, Dallas, Charlotte, Baltimore, Kansas City, and Washington DC, our morning and afternoon show syndication is ready to serve you and your audience. 


BJ gets results and he knows how to win every break in drive time. 

bj murphy logo.png

What the industry is saying about

Sam Weaver

One of the most gifted air personalities I have had the privilege to work with.

WBLS, New York 

Skip Dillard

BJ Murphy is the real deal. A real pro who knows how to get, keep and grow audiences. He is a student of radio in the digital universe.

Gray Communications

Tony Gray

BJ offers a fresh new sound for Urban adult audiences 25-54 delivered in segments. You keep control of your station's playlist.

As a BJ MURPHY SHOW affiliate, you will receive a show Monday through Friday. Also, we will provide other working parts to fully integrate the BJ Murphy Show into your station.


These Include:

Dry Liner/Teaser - Promote the next show and recycle the audience back to the show tomorrow.

Daily Highlight Promo - Short clip from the current day's show with humor and character definition and the star power of the show

Other Promos - We furnish generic promos for all contest and giveaways

Endorsements and Market visits - we offer the ability to localize and come to your town for your biggest events and the ability to sell endorsements with BJ

  • 3-hour daily show delivered via mp3.

  • Pop culture, interviews, news and interesting conversation

  • Show is personal and relatable

  • Place our content between your music

  • Audience interaction with social media, emails, phone calls, Show contributors

  • We offer our Daily in house News Service UIN Free

  • Listen Here to Newscast

  • Customization and Localization

  • We voice commercials for you

  • Target demographics are 25 to 54 Adults.

  • Over 40,000 followers on Social media.

  • Cost is Free

  • Plus air (2) :30 sec Network commercials 4 times per day

bj murphy logo.png


Contact Us

bj murphy logo.png



Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

10am - 5pm


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